Interactive Data - HWY 285 Corridor Fires 1980-2014

Interactive Data - HWY 285 Corridor Fires 1980-2014

UPDATE 4/5/2016: I have updated the dashboard with all the relevant fire data and added new interactive charts to the dashboard. click the link to go to the dashboard and see the improvements!


In my previous post I played around with R and CartoDB to map fire data around the highway 285 corridor. Then I discovered the online interactive data visualization suite Tableau. Using the same U.S. Forest Service data as before, I used Tableau to build a dashboard of interactive visualizations. Each element can be clicked and it will filter all the other elements. There is even a timeline slider at the top which will also adjust all the visualizations.

Keep in mind that I built this as a proof-of-concept, just to see if I could do it, and to see if others are interested in it. If this dashboard were to be used by the county or any other professional entity, I would first need to verify that I have all the relevant data built in. Presently, this only uses U.S. Forest Service data.

The dashboard is too large for this blog post, so I put it on it's own page.

Click here to visit the dashboard and explore the fire data!

Here is a screenshot of it just to tease you:

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