Data Analysis and R Resources

Lately I have been working at home to pick up new research skills. I am working on statistical methods in data analysis, such as regression and multilevel models. The main tool I am learning is the R programming language. I am using Microsoft's distribution of R because it utilizes all four cores in my computer's processor. And I am running this inside of R Studio as my development environment. The other tools for data visualization and visual analysis I am learning are Tableau and CartoDB.

I am working my way through DataCamp's online R course and using several books as guides. I link to the books below.

Along the way, I am practicing these new skills with real data on wildfires in my community. You can find my dashboard for exploring the fire data here. Tonight I am going to my community's town hall meeting to meet the fire chief and discuss if this kind of dashboard would be useful somehow in our community and to see how he thinks I could add to or improve this dashboard. So, there is much to come as I make progress!

For example, I am now adding precipitation data to the fire data and will explore any correlations that exist. If I find anything interesting I'll add it to the dashboard.

R Graphics Cookbook
By Winston Chang
R Cookbook (O'Reilly Cookbooks)
By Paul Teetor
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