18 Chains
18 Chains
Thence S 18.62 chains, thence S 77 deg 36 min E



Joseph Gamble, owner of Joseph Gamble Photography

In the three+ years that we have collaborated on advertising, commercial and editorial photography projects, Jeremy has always been early, ready to give 110 percent whether in the field or the office. He is a deep thinker with a positive, cheerful demeanor, qualities that are essential when working side by side for long hours often involving travel. His knowledge of imaging is deep and varied and display a mastery of Photoshop, image archiving as well as location lighting. He approaches problems with a thoroughness and a consideration of ideas that are often out of the box or unique, a mindset that perhaps comes from his background in philosophy and sociology. There is so much that Jeremy brings to the table beyond his intellect, wit and multifaceted skill set. Perhaps the higher compliment that I can give is that he is a person of the absolute highest character. It shows in every aspect of his life and work.

Dr. Schaun Wheeler, Anthropologist and Data Scientist

Jeremy genuinely enjoys jumping into problems and figuring them out. His excitement at tackling challenging issues was as refreshing as it was helpful. Jeremy and I worked together on multiple analyses and I would gladly work with him again - I recommend him very highly.

Peter Kigemagi, Social Scientist and Intelligence Analyst

I would highly recommend Jeremy Allen for any position that requires research and a keen analytic mind. I worked with Jeremy in a highly demanding intelligence center, and Jeremy excelled. When the tough problems came up, Jeremy tackled them with a calm demeanor and professionalism. Jeremy is intelligent, and a reliable worker. I enjoyed working with Jeremy, and I hope I get the chance to do so again.