Steve Pyke's portraits of philosophers

Steve has very nice portraits of philosophers at his website, here. Take a few minutes to browse them. If you like them, you can buy a book of prints here. You can read what Steve says about his experiences here.

I am interested in portraits of philosophers because I am relatively new to philosophy. More interestingly, philosopher portraits fascinate me because, as a photographer and subject of portraits myself, I know how powerless and helpless a subject can feel when being photographed in this way. I imagine philosophers to be comfortable when they are using their intellect as a lens to bring focus and clarity to the subjects of their intellect. However, when the philosopher has had his or her face be the subject of a photographer's optically scrutinizing lens, I cannot help but wonder if the philosopher subsequently feels any new relationship toward his own subjects. Anyway, go check out Steve's great work.

I study philosophy and social theory at the University of South Florida. I am also a photographer, map lover and sometimes poet.