RssOwl in Windows 8 after giving up on NetNewsWire and Mac

I am really enjoying the saved search feature in the RssOwl feed reader. A month ago I quit using my MacBook Pro and bought an Asus G75VX running Windows 8. Part of the switch included finding a new RSS reader. On the MBP I was using the NetNewsWire desktop app because it allowed me to create smart folders which sniffed out all articles and posts in my feeds containing my chosen keywords. Now that I am on a Windows machine, RssOwl is nicely fulfilling the same purpose. Of course, I could have been using RssOwl on the Mac, since it works on all platforms, but at the time I was happy with NetNewsWire and unaware of RssOwl. Had I known about RssOwl when I was using my MBP, I probably would have ditched NetNewsWire back then and taken up RssOwl sooner. Here is a quick screen capture that shows where I created a top-level folder in the left column that contains my saved searches. I named the folder "1. Saved Searches." Each one contains a keyword or phrase that I am interested in sniffing out among my hundreds of RSS feeds. These saved searches continuously sniff out and pull in articles that match my keywords and phrases. I can click on each saved search to see and read the discovered articles. This saves valuable time. It would take forever to skim through the hundreds of feeds in my "2. News Sources" folder to find the articles that contain my keywords.

Screen capture of RssOwl feed reader app highlighting the saved searches feature.

RssOwl has many more useful features that I am only just beginning to explore. And I have many more saved searches to build. So far, I am a happy customer.

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