Peter Winch on the way concepts, language, and the world hang together

From the second edition of Peter Winch's The Idea of Social Science.

We cannot say then, with Weldon, that the problems of philosophy arise out of language rather than out of the world, because in  discussing language philosophically we are in fact discussing what counts as belonging to the world. Our idea of what belongs to the realm of reality is given for us in the language that we use. The concepts we have settle for us the form of the experience we have of the world...[W]hen we speak of the world we are speaking of what we in fact mean by the expression 'the world': there is no way of getting outside the concepts in terms of which we think of the world, which is what Weldon is trying to do (Chapter 1, section 4).

Winch, P., 1990, The idea of a social science and its relation to philosophy, Routledge, London.

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