Kenosha Pass

Father's Day weekend brought beautiful weather here in Colorado's Front Range. Katie and I took our new Black Diamond Beta Light tarp to spend the night on Kenosha Pass. Kenosha Pass overlooks South Park basin, a high altitude grassland flat that straddles highway 285 about two hours west southwest of Denver.

The Colorado Trail crosses highway 285 at Kenosha Pass, and this is the trail Katie and I hiked to find our campsite. We chose a site a couple of miles north of 285 and south of Jefferson Lake  along segment 6 of the Colorado Trail. Our site had stunning sunset and sunrise views of the South Park basin and the Park range. I ended up just sleeping in the grass next to the tarp because the weather was so perfect. All images from my Sony RX1.

Black Diamond Beta Light tarp on Kenosha Pass.

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