Science, Religion & Culture. The new open access journal.

Brian Leiter, one of the editorial board members, linked to the new open access journal, Science, Religion & Culture. Here is an excerpt from the journal's aims and scope statement:

Science, Religion and Culture (SRC) is an open access interdisciplinary journal focused on bringing together research and theoretical analysis from the physical, biological, and social sciences with ideas from philosophy, theology, and religious studies. It aims at exploring the unique relationship between science, religion, and culture, and it welcomes submissions from all perspectives and religious traditions—including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, secularism, humanism, and naturalism. Given that science and religion are two great manifestations of human culture, special focus is given to the various ways modern science—including the disciplines of physics, cosmology, biology, psychology, neuroscience, mathematics, sociology, and anthropology—support, oppose, inform, or are informed by religious, theological, and cultural perspectives. Additional focus is given to perspectives on science, religion, and culture from different geographical regions, cultures, religions, and historical epochs.

The editor-in-chief is Gregg D. Caruso. He is the Associate Professor of Philosophy and Chair of the Humanities Department at Corning Community College, SUNY.

I study philosophy and social theory at the University of South Florida. I am also a photographer, map lover and sometimes poet.